SQ:TLC VGA remake.

Robin_Gravel I just discover this topic about SQ:tlc remake


I hope no one wants a Naturette in VGA.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 I would prefer it in AGI or SCI rather than a cheap immitation of SCIVGA in AGS.
Robin_Gravel But you don't need to extract the interpreter to put the games on the web like agi games.

After all, King's Quest vga has the same look as scivga games.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 It has the same look but it lacks the authenticity of a SCI VGA game. The size of AGS games are Gigantic there are a few bugs in AGS mostly with the inventory system.

As for the AGI interpreter I do not like to include the interpreter for legal reasons unless it is a hacked interpreter. But now if I work on a game I am going to start releasing it with NAGI. NAGI is not only a little bit safer to include with games legally but it is also great to use all the new stuff like the mouse support and cga/rgb graphics.
Robin_Gravel You're right Chris. King's Quest VGA has over 20 megs zipped
and AGS does not have (maybe later) a view editor.

But I found some ags games under two megs on the net and I
didn't saw the inventory bugs you noted it.

If someone wants to make a remake sq: tlc, he or she must
ask Vonster D Monster his permission before begining his or her work on it.

I agree with you about Nagi. Some person likes to play agi games on windows not in dos.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 It is not only more fun playing them in windows but is a little safer legally to distribute it with games.

As for SQ:TLC I would not like to see it remade in AGS. It would be bigger than 20mb! SQ:TLC was already one of the biggest AGI games ever made including Sierra's AGI games. It might me interesting seeing it in SCI0 though.
RodeKill AGS games can be big, but only if they're done in high colour and high res.

As for the bugs, I'm not aware of them, but if you are, you should really report them on the forum.
Robin_Gravel Hi Rodekill.

I maybe wrong but I saw you at the ags board.

I remembered to download a few hi-color and hi-res but I think King's Quest VGA is made in 256 color and low-res.

It takes over 20 megs zipped.

The drawback with hi color and hi-res, there games are very slowly when the picture fade-out when changing to the next room even my pentium 2, 500mhz.

Robin Gravel
RodeKill Yep, those are the drawbacks. But if you stick with low res/low colour you should be good.

Anyways, Chris has added a few things to help with the speed. You can now split the game up into resource files instead of compiling it all into one giant exe, but it can still be slow.

Apart from that he's currently working on a windows version so that'll help, but it's a few months off at least.


Oh, and I wouldn't brush AGS off as 'cheap' so fast. Some of the games are quite amazing, and if you can get past the speed issues you can do almost anything with it, and for guys like me who are too dumb to figure out AGI studio, it's really great. (One day, one day...)
Try a game called 'Pleughburgh' (That's probably spelled wrong), it's really well done.
Robin_Gravel Hi Rodekill.

I prefert to see a view editor than a windows version of roomedit.

Presently Naturette II will have over 200 rooms. I wonder if this game will bigger using ags unstead agi. Where can I find

Robin Gravel
RodeKill http://hem.passagen.se/gaspop/

There ya go.