SCI VGA Game Compatibility

Krueg AGI and SCI0 games still run fine on most new computers but the later VGA games are very painful to get working and usually end only running minimumly (no sound or voices). This almost makes these games not worth playing unless you happen to have an old computer lying around. Will SCI Studio VGA be able to produce games that are more compatible with modern computers? if so, will it be possible to somehow patch the old ones with it?
Paladinlover Yeah, I agree a lot, we need a way to fix the sound in VGA sierra games.

I found a program called VDM sound, it fixed the sound and music perfectly on all Sierra games I've tried so far.

But it didn't fix the voice, which was a really big pity, since I have so many games that can use voice, including QFG 4 and Conquest of the Longbow.

To top it all, we need to fix some timer bugs, I mean check out Space Quest 1 VGA, when your in the desert, Roger Wilco gets thirsty at an alarming rate, due to the timer bug. And in QFG 1 VGA, the speed at which the weapon master fights makes him impossible to defeat.

These are just a few bugs that need to be fixed.

Till next time stay cool 8)
Eero R Space Quest 4 has 3 places you can't get past... You can use slowdown utilities in places like that.
KevinCoyle ...but it would be nice to just be able to double click on...say a King's Quest V shortcut and run the game, without having to have a Kit of emulators, slowdown utilities and boot disks just the run the game at 75% it's normal capability