Hello out there

Spoolay A few years ago I thought I'd make my own AGI game and only got two scenes into the thing (which doesn't seem to be an unusual case).  Anyway, though, I'm really surprised by how much that little thing got around.  In fact, I'm so encouraged by this that I'm going to try and actually finish something this time.

That little game, by the way, was "Go West, Young Hippie".  I still get the occasional e-mail even today about it.  Anyone here play it?

I'm tossing around a little something at the moment, trying to start small -- large ideas too soon usually go nowhere.  I was wondering if anyone would like to throw out some ideas of things they'd like to see in a game.

K.J. How about something like the Donkey Kong for the Super Nintendo? Just be sure that whatever you make that there are secret place where you can get lots of points or something ;).

AGI1122 I have played that game before quite a shame it never got finished. As for the plot I would think hard about what you are going to go with because it needs to be interesting not only to other people but to yourself as well. As for the secret erea I would not do that but still plant a few easter eggs here and there.
sonneveld I believe, before you start any graphics or logic, you should map out your entire game, with all the puzzles.  You don't want to create all these screens and then work your puzzles around them, I thought it would be more interesting to go the other way round.

At least then you could work on different bits of the game if you get sick of another bit.  And you'd know how much of the game you'd have left to finish.

- Nick