NAGI trouble

kryddturken Ok, my game is fine in the original interpreters but with Nagi the animations screw up. Whatever loop I put my ego in will remain during the game. I.e I put facing left using set.loop, if I walk right he will moonwalk... this only happens in Nagi. Suggestions?
Robin_Gravel Hi kryddturken

Check if you're using AGI v2.936.

Some AGI v2.936 games I saw don't work properly using Nagi.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld The interpreter can change the loops of animated objects depending on which direction they are moving.

For all version 2 interpreters (except 2.936 which is why i don't use it as default in NAGI) it will only update the loop if you have 4 or less loops. This is one loop for each direction.

The v3 interpreter used by Kings Quest 4 and the v2 one for Space Quest 2 can do this for any number of loops (it ignores the remaining ones). Later v3 interpreters only have this behavior if a certain flag is set.

1) change standard.ini so your emulated interpreter supports this behavior (it's one of the loop modes)
2) Modify your view so they'll only have 4 or less loops. This is only for views that need their loop changed based on direction however.

I think you'll find, if you use an older version of Sierra's interpreter (ie something less than 2.936), it won't support the loops properly either.

- Nick
kryddturken Thanks, I will split my ego into several views then.