kryddturken My rol2snd just locks up when I try to convert any of the supplied .mid-files from mf2rol... are they too complex (panama.mid is at least only 3 channels) or is this a known issue with WinXP?

(Sorry for the question bombardment) :)
Corby I think rol2snd will tell you if the .mid file is too complex, it must be something else. I use WinXP as well, and it never locked up.
kryddturken Well, the source code is included so I might try compiling a windows application out of it and see if it works better. Maybe add a little debug code also. Hell, I might even combine mf2rol+rol2snd into one application.. time will tell :).
kryddturken My recompiled win32-binary worked like a charm, I might post something later if I combine the 2 applications. It's very little work and should make my (and possibly others) lives easier.
Kon-Tiki YAY! Finally someone who does something about those godawful convertors. Can you make them work too? The second one never works for me. Always 'Note too low' :(