AGI Graphics question

kryddturken Ok, When I draw in PicEdit I get a lot of unecessary information in the file.. (i.e things like changing tool and things like that). Is there a way to remove all this obsolete information or do I have to do it manually, or does it simply not matter? I can have like 10 number sequences in PicEdit (from 60-70 in the Step-list) where nothing actually happens on screen.... tips?
Joel You could write a utility to remove useless color changes, but no such utility currently exists that I'm aware of. For the moment, you'll have to remove the excess operations manually.
Kon-Tiki Just try to draw without all those obsolete codes. The ones it still gives'll be necessary. If I change colours, I always try to keep the change as low on numbers as possible. Guess it takes a bit of experience though.

Corby I usually have TONS of useless commands in picedit, such as mistakes and colouring and drawing over things. I've never seen any problems with this really. My pics end up being quite large at times, which may eat up the memory... but I haven't seen anything negative yet.
kryddturken I'll guess I'll go through every pic and try to remove at least the obvious obsolete information... practise makes perfect I guess.. I _so_ enjoy working in AGI Studio, expect a really wicked game :).. Might take a couple of months though..
kryddturken Btw, Corby, how many "events" does one of your finished pictures, including priority pic, include? (Just a general figure will do of course :)).
Corby Well... honestly... a usual picture I draw (2 hrs work) will have an average of 8000 "events". I have a few going over 10,000. I don't think I have any less than 1000. The numbers seem really high to me... but as I said, I've had no problems... there are many pics where I try to be efficient as possible and they still come to at least 7000... then again I put a lot of work into them... I'm not sure how many events other people have either.
kryddturken I see, well the number of events is higly dependant on drawing style and other factors. My picture (which is about halfway done) is around 1000 events but I am _not_ very able when it comes to graphics. I calculate that there's about 50-100 useless events also. It does probably not make any difference on the computers today (unless the old interpreters will barf on it) but it is still annoying to have useless data lying around.. Thanks for the input :).
sonneveld Anyone tried saving it as a pcx file (screenshot) and then using Vector program to convert it back to a pic? You'd have to redo the priority lines but maybe you'll get a size decrease.

- Nick
Corby I saved one pic as a screenshot once, then converted it using vector... my pic turned out to have 10,000, without priority. The pic wasn't even that complex either.