Guest Is there a delay/sleep command I can use or should I remove input/control from the user and enter a for-loop?
Kon-Tiki It depends on what you're trying to do, but if it has to do with slowing down animations, try the cycle.time-command (or one of its variants, check the helpfile for them)

guest Well, I draw an animation, then I'd like that animation to play for a while and noting else should be happening in the scene (disabled input, movement etc.). After 3-4 seconds of animation I want the animation to end and gameplay continue. That simple, just thought that there might be some obscure sleep/delay thing but maybe not.. so I should loop a while by my own?
Corby I do this a lot... I just use:
program.control(); (To stop the ego from doing anything)


prevent.input(); (To disable input)


stop.motion(o0); will make sure that the ego stops moving when an animation scene is occuring.

make sure to counter-act these commands when the animation is finshed with:

Hope this helps... it's what I do.
guest Yes, I know abot those commands.. but they don't actually _wait_. I.e I want an animation to play for exactly five seconds, how is that possible?
kryddturken Ugh, I forgot to log in.. well, it's me asking the questions anyway :)
Corby You could use a simple timer:

set(f101); (sets timer)

if(isset(f101)){ (actual timer)

if(v100==30){ (Change the 30 for how long 5 sec take)

Just make sure to set v100 to 0, and reset the timer flag.
kryddturken Oh, so it's called timer.. *browses help chapters*. There, thanks a lot Corby!
Corby No problem :)
kryddturken Ok, so if I get things right (just double checking.. I might be able to save myself a lot of work).

If I trigger something from i.e a command that the user inputs ("post forum") and I want a series of animated events (timebased) to occur after that I have to catch those in the main-loop since that's where the cycles are processed and not in the if(said("post... etc.. right? And there I put my timers.. right?
Kon-Tiki That's correct. A timer is actually just a variable that's in/decreased with every interpreter cycle. Just make it so that the interpreter'll keep on cycling through the part with the timer-code and it'll be allright.

kryddturken It's working perfectly! Hooray! The first screen is coming along just fine.. wow, this AGI stuff sure is addictive... oh well. Thanks a lot for the input, I understand this to the fullest extent now :).