AGI Sound Problem

sonneveld I've found a problem with the sound in some fan games and the template.  If you play the game on an interpreter that properly supports Tandy sound and the master control variable, it won't play.  Here's the message I posted on the V disccusion board:

The noise channel was used a fair bit:

Space Quest 2: broom, airlock, hovercraft crashing
Kings Quest 2: doors, waves crashing
Police Quest: Intro gun shots, opening car door, crashing car

I've managed to implement new sound code for the next version of NAGI.  It uses a square wave (so no clicking noises when a note finishes), implements all the noises, has volume control and notes dissolve to silence if they play for too long (i think this is called an envelope?).

It needs a bit of polishing before I'll release the next version of NAGI but it works pretty well at the moment with most games.

I've also got around to supporting logging so now you can use NAGI and log all those command entry's that don't work.

One problem I've noticed, with V, is that var 23 (the master voluume) is reversed.  It turns out that '0' is the max volume and '15' is actually meant to be silence.  So when I properly implemented the sound code in NAGI, V's music wouldn't play.

What I'll have to do is support an option to ignore the master volume because there's so many fan games based on the original template which assumed that 15 was the loudest.  But it's something to change for the V code at least.

- Nick