AGI Quest I finally released

AGI Quest AGI Quest I, a small AGI game, has finally been released. Development started in January 1998 and the game was first announced on February 15th, 1998.

Please see the following web page for details and for the download (interpreter not included; NAGI recommended):

If anyone has any comments or bug reports regarding the game after a day or two from now, please send them by email as I don't plan on frequenting this board. Thank you.
AGI1122 Very nice graphics. Nicely made. :)
Corby WOW! I love the pictures Juha, I remember that one pic from your priority example on your homepage. I modelled my pictures from it for my new game. I like the way you draw your clouds, and the silloutte (sp) of the tree in the waterfall scene. Very impressive!
Pikachu14 I'm downloading this baby now, sounds like it's great. ;)

I can't quite grasp how a fourroomer can take four/five years to develop, though... ::)
Eero R He spent about ten full days on the game...
The game is great, only thing that bothers me a little, is that music is indeed original, but sounds as a mixture of King's Quest and Space Quests theme musics...
AGI Quest So, has anyone been able to complete the game? If not, a walkthrough is available:

As regards the music, there are five original tunes in the game. The opening theme, the "scoring" theme, the music that is played before the explosion, the death theme and the theme for the ending.
AGI Quest Since no-one has posted to this thread for a while, I'd like to ask that if anyone wants to give feedback on AGI Quest, please email it to me from now on as I am not going to follow this board. AGI Quest was my tribute to the games I enjoyed as a child and now that I have completed it, my stint with AGI is over. Thanks to the people who have given me feedback on my game.

- J.T.
thesam Wow.. I remember reading about the game a very long time ago, it's nice to see that it's finally been released. ;D

I have to try it soon!