NAGI v2.05 Released!

sonneveld Hi!

You can find the latest release here:  
Don't forget to download the SDL runtime as well.

Unfortunately, no icon yet because I'm yet to work out how to get the resource compiler to work with mingw32.. but this version has a few bug fixes and extra stuff:

   * no more external sample - NAGI generates it's own sine wave.
   * Mothergoose crash fixed by checking size for updated rectangles.
   * Manhunter disk error fixed, not properly clearing errno.
   * fixed background for Mothergoose name entry and Kings Quest 3 spell entry.
   * more CRC's thanks to Charles Irwin, Chris Cromer and I.
   * other internal details tidied up

So check out v2.05 from the downloads section today!  Lots of thanks to Chris (AGISCI) for all the bug reports.

- Nick
AGI1122 I like that icon that looks pretty cool. Thanks for all the credit. I still have a two games left to beat Gold Rush and SQ:TLC.
sonneveld Charles Irwin made that up for me.. it's very cool.. I like it a lot.  If only I could figure out how to embed it into NAGI.

- Nick
AGI1122 I am going to send you another icon that I just made.
Robin_Gravel Hi Nick

Could the nagi uses an autodetect mouse support like DG to  prevent me to edit standard.ini each time when editing my upcoming games?

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Just change v2_default=pc_2_936 to v2_default=pc_buffbri in the standard.ini file and you will not have to change the crc for the game again until you are ready to release it.
Robin_Gravel Thanks Chris

I'm looking for it.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 It should work. If you have any other problems just ask.
Robin_Gravel It works Chris. Thanks.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Your welcome. If you need anything else just ask.
bokkers Hi,
So check out v2.05 from the downloads section today!  

Very cool, yet another update I appreciate a lot.   :D
AGI1122 And since NAGI produces its own sine wave we have one less file to package with V: Tone50.pcm
And since NAGI produces its own sine wave we have one less file to package with V: Tone50.pcm  

True. Although I wonder if the tone50.pcm could be replaced by let's say a sawtooth-sample. Then AGI would sound like the good old C64. I think I'll play around with that.
sonneveld yeh.. that would work.. as long as it's at 50 Hz and it's a raw sample at 44100khz, 16bit, mono.

When i get around to it.. nagi will hopefully be able to produce a user-selectable tone.

- Nick
RaDIaT1oN When I was experimenting with sound support for AGIL I found that a square wase sound best, followed by sawtooth.
I found sine wave sounded too flute like, or something.

I haven't tried NAGI with sound, because my 'doze box has no sound card.

You may want to look at the sound code in AGIL.  I didn't write it, LollypopMan sent it to me, and I reorganized it.  It emulates the PCjr sound chip perfectly, includeing the noise channel (really cool in Space Quest.)
AGI1122 Yeah I like playing games on AGIL & Sarien because of the noise channel. Reminds me of my old Tandy I used to have.
Joel for some reason, after downloading version 2.05 I can't get NAGI to run anymore (I was able to run it before, but now I can't even get old versions to run). It causes an illegal operation in WinMM.dll when initializing the DirectMedia layer. I assume that has something to do with the SDL. Any ideas what might be going wrong?
sonneveld Have you got the latest version of SDL installed?  I think it's v1.2.3..  the file's are available from  just get the win32 runtime and unzip it into windows/system or the nagi directory

alternatively, you could try changing the sdl sound settings in nagi.ini from waveout to dsound.

Let me know if this helps.

- Nick
Joel I think it might have been just needing to restart my computer, because I did that, then downloaded the files one more time (it took no time, so it was probably using a cached copy) and it appears to be working now.
sonneveld I'm glad it's all working now.  NAGI (or maybe SDL) is iffy with the sound sometimes.

- Nick