Xqzzy Rcxmcq How can you make agi handle long amounts of time?

Like: Leisure Suit Larry 1, when you have about 11 hours or so (in real time) to win before the game ends.

Also, in one of Infocom's mystery games, I recall, you had 12 hours (in real time) to win or the game would end.

I don't think logic cycles would be the answer, does anybody know?
failrate Actually, they are. In fact, the version of the template I used had a built-in clock, I think.
Kon-Tiki Yep, it's easiest to use the clock timer's variables for this. Check which var to use on the Special Variables-page in the helpfile. Then just take the var you want (the hour-var, the minute-var, etc) and put a code like the one below in logic 0.

if(chosen_var == yourtime) {
your code

It's easy ;)

Xqzzy Rcxmcq Thanks. I will try it.