Gabriel Knight...?

Freeze Hey ho! :)

Quick question: Is it technical posible to run Gabriel Knight 1 and 2 on future FreeSCI versions?

By the way... my first post here! Hooray!
Eero R This should be under "Sarien, FreeSCI and other Sierra Interpreters"...
AGI1122 It will probably be a long while before those games can be played on it.

SCI0 support isn't even fully completed. And I am guessing SCI1 will be next so it will be a while before that game(I beleive it is SCI32?) will be playable in freesci.
Pikachu14 Now hear this! FreeSCI Glutton has preliminary SCI1 support! Read all about it! :D
Freeze Whoops, sorry that I wrote this in the wrong forum. ::)

But this sounds great for me, because there IS the chance to see these two games on other systems one time. :)