Programmer Wanted !!!

Sami_Tervo Does anyone remember game called Apocalyptic Quest? Anyway, I said it would be made with some other language than agi , but I changed my mind. Although it will cost some parts to the game, agi rocks.

So I need good programmer who could handle things such as:
* aiming with mouse to enemy (mouse thingies)
* turn-based combat (wont be hard due to agi's low variablemax)

If you interested ,check out (if browser does complain that page does not exist or some pic wont load, reload the page..geocities sucks) and mail me to
Sami_Tervo okie..any programmer will do =)
sonneveld How far has Apocalyptic Quest got?  I've only seen the teaser that you released a while ago.  Is there any game fleshed out yet?

What persuaded you to change to AGI again?

- Nick
Sami_Tervo well..ive got lots of graphics in my hd waiting for use. places of game have been designed.

nope theres nothing else than teaser..because i got no programmer. please someone..sign up for this!

well rpgmaker 2k looked first cool and awesome..but lack of mouse-using-capability (and other stuff that limited my ideas)
sonneveld Unfortunately, I'm starting uni in a week so I don't think I'll have time to take on any more projects.  I wish you luck however.  The teaser looked great.

- Nick
Sami_Tervo =( well..i will notify when i get programmer so til that the place is open....