Allo, allo: The agi game

SlaYo I was thinking of making a game about the famous (well, over here at least :)) British 70's comedy series 'Allo, allo'

For you that are not familiar with this series.

It is about a French person called Rene Artois, he owns a caf
Sami_Tervo Jolly good! I love that serie. Perhaps it is in DVD? Anyone knows?

Well, you sure got lot to do. Rene's life sure wasn't too easy although germans were quite dumb :) About characters...Well, I think it would be a nice idea to play with different characters, but not switch them during playing the game itself. One could choose his/her character in beginning.

You could increase life your game if you'd make bit different adventure for every character-type. Perhaps player could even try to play as british paratrooper or should i say a spy? Not forgetting that Gestapo-officer :)

Remember, password is D
Kon-Tiki Hehehe, it is I, Leclere. I am disguised as an onion seller ;D
If this game'll have the same humor as the series, nothing can go wrong.

Eero R I loved the last part... I think it's a good idea to make a game about it....
Eigen "You stupid woman...! Can't you see that she's not feeling good?!"

"You stupid woman...! Can't you see that she's crying?!"

and so on...

It's a very funny serie. I'd love to play a game about that.

beyond infinity eigen, not me. 8)
Joey sounds like a cool game! i guess i could help if you need any.

also, not to go off topic, but has anyone seen the show Hogan's Heroes? That is a comedy where there are these POWs i think, and they are in a German place there, and they are part of the resistance and the german are dumb and its a funny show so yah.
stonedzealot Bwahahahaha, I haven't thought about Allo Allo since my PBS Station stopped carrying it at 11pm. Oh well, LeClere was the best!
John Carey We're getting reruns of 'A'A here every once in a while - it's become pretty much a cult series... :)

There *is* one "'Allo, 'Allo" game, in fact... licensed, ugly and badly designed. It's a platform game, somewhat reminescent of the old "Blues Brothers", but about 14 times worse. You can find the PC version online, but the Amiga one is easier to find (e.g. here:
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