Tracing in PicEdit

06dude Hey, I really wanted to trace some pictures of the Statue of Liberty and stick 'em in my game but I don't really know how to do it. I've seen how successful a good PicEdit trace can be from V: The Graphic Adventure, and I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me how to add some Liberty to my game. 8)
Corby hmmmm... i'll give this a shot... i've never done it before though.
First make sure your image is in the correct width and length. (320 x 168)
Make sure that the colours are set up correctly for agi games. (256 colours)
Next save your image as a .pcx file. (In paint or paintshop, ect...)
Next drag the pcx file into picedit.exe
Inside picedit press f10 to see your traceable image.
Then simply trace away!
I figure this is done the same way as the pribands.pcx, makes sense.
Hope this helps.
Here's a site for a more detailed explanation:
06dude Thanks a bundle, I'll definitely try it out.