AGI sound problem (Robin Gravel)

Robin_Gravel In Serguei's destiny, when Serguei dies, if the player press enter when a music is playing, the music plays wrong notes.

I did not saw this problem in sq:tlc.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld Does this occur in NAGI or the original interpreter?

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Brian's agipal interpreter, Nick.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld What's the speed of your computer?  I've tested it on my system and I didn't find any problems.  did you hold down the enter key?  press it once or repeatedly?

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Hi Nick.

This problem happens when it is a death animation is played before the "thank you" message displays. If you press enter once time when this text is displayed and the music is not finished, the music plays the wrong notes.

The death animation means when Serguei is turned into rat or his lose his body except his head.

This problem also happens when Serguei fall off the cliff after
the screen is shaked.

I didn't saw this problem using Nagi.

I own a celeron pentium with 500 mhz.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld I haven't experienced the problem yet.. but I hope the problem isn't too widespread to be annoying.

- Nick