SCI Studio - It's Divine

kryddturken Oh my god, this has to be the most wonderful piece of software I have ever laid my hands on. AGIStudio was indeed incredible but this SCI Studio series is really the grand prize. I am going to spend hours, days, months, years with this software producing all those stories I always wanted to see come alive.. and I can do it using the sierra interpreter. And, it's FREE?! It's just on of those things that's too good to be true.

Brian, you've made my day, this piece of software is excellent.

The VGA Studio will be even more exciting but since I am new to the SCI thing I will spend time learning this inside and out so I just can move on to the VGA style when it's done..

Oh well, just wanted to share my thoughts.

BTW, I am still looking for graphicians for my first project. Please get in touch if you are a talented graphic artist that wants to contribute to my first game.
mr-t Damn straight! welcome to the brotherhood, brother! 8)
kryddturken Thanks, I am as of now browsing through the forum to make sure I won't ask any questions that has already been asked.. but I am sure I will do that anyway :\.

I read that the VGA Studio will have voice support, my, that will be a feature worth waiting for. I love sitting in my studio writing music and creating sfx and maybe I could engage some of my friends as voice actors.. the possibilites are endless, come hi-res VGA graphics with that and you got the possibility to create games of ANY quality.

And a comment to the "home brewn games can't be as good as commercial games". YES, they can. With a lot of hard work and dedicated writes/musicians/artists it can! I hope to prove this to those in disbelief.. oh time to start up the SCI Studio now.. :)
Paladinlover I wish I had your spirit, but I couldn't even get myself to learn using SCI studio properly.

But don't blame the tutorial or SCI studio, it's my fault entirely, during the last year I could hardly get myself to do anything, I could barely write my stories anymore, let alone learn to script and draw graphics.

But still, SCI Studio has provided me an interesting opportunity to edit games, which is a pretty interesting experiance. I can't wait till I can modify the scripts, I always wanted to add several questions to the list, which would be pretty fun if you ask me.

Till next time stay cool 8)