Help Wanted

kryddturken Hi, I am looking for one or two skilled graphicians that wan't to help me out with my SCI project. I am totally clueless when it comes to graphics so my project really needs some reinforcement staff wise.

Main plot and characters are done, but still worked on. All I need is some graphics so I can start the serious coding. Let me know if you want to be in this project which I hope will be very exciting. It will be a bigger game though, it will not be a 1-5 scene thing, I am aiming high.

Pikachu14 I can draw shit if you pay ;)
kryddturken My budget for this project is $0. I am but a poor student, hopefully I can attract some people that will do it for free. I can't even afford $2 for this project as I have a hard time paying my rent as it is. :). Thanks anyway.
Pikachu14 ...Hmm...

I'm real sorry to hear that, man. I guess a poor hacker can't get money from a poor student ;)

This is not the artist you're looking for. Move along.
[me=Kyoufu Kawa]waves his hand around a bit[/me]