Trouble with AGI Studio

kryddturken No matter what directory I choose, or if I use the "Create New" button when trying to create a new game I get "Invalid Directory" :\. Help!
Eigen You have to create it into a sub-folder. For example: C:\folder1\agi game You can't create a folder directly to your hard drive. I'm not sure why... :P

kryddturken No, that's not it.. no matter where I try to place it it gives me that #$%# error. :\
Eero R I think you're creating game from template. Solution: just copy the template folder to somewhere else, and open it in AGI Studio...
Andrew_Baker I believe there is a thread that already dealt with this. I believe it had something to do with an extra "\" being added into the address name.
Robin_Gravel Kryddturken

Are you using Win Xp?

Some people has problems when running agi games or AGI Studio. Myself I'm using Win98 and I don't want using Win XP unless I'll buy a new computer.

Robin Gravel
kryddturken I am, indeed, using Windows XP. I have no choice really since my studio equipment won't work with anything else. I have downloaded SCI studio also and got the same error, but copying the template folder and just using "open" helped me fix that error, at least in SCI studio. I will try it with the AGI studio later. Thanks for the input anyhow.
kryddturken wrote:

I have downloaded SCI studio also and got the same error

Hmmm. Brian Provinciano told me otherwise that XP is the best windows to run SCI Studio unless you have downloaded the older version of Sci Studio.

Brian said too that he didn't support win 98. So I'm not
sure if I could make SCI VGA games on my computer.

Robin Gravel