The "unknown" commands

eidolon Hello! :)

Are these all of them; 170 - 182?

Also... Do the compilers support them?

And just one more thing... Is everything else regarding AGI figured out?

Joel As far as I know, AGI Studio does support the unknown commands, it just doesn't have a good name for them. They're not completely unknown anymore, however. Some of them have been figured out, but I forget where the references for them are. There just hasn't been an update to AGI Studio that gives the commands new names.
eidolon Chris has a  tutorial explaining the commands
AGI1122 It has been suggested by myself to rename the commands to their correct names by Nailhead. Whether or not it will happen is still unknown.
Chris has a  tutorial explaining the commands
Oh yeah I almost forgot. Thanks. I am glad to see I have some fans of my site. :D
sonneveld The amiga version of the AGI interpreter contained the names for the extra commands.  Claudio (Sarien developer) discovered these a while back.

The AGI Studio by Nailhead is still based on the original code (which was released a few years ago) so Nailhead hasn't had a chance to add support for the new commands yet.  He's busy with a game and adding lots of other stuff to the studio so I'd give him a chance to catch his breath.

I think the only thing left for AGI is create proper development tools.

- Nick
Nailhead Sorry guys, I'll get on this soon. The next release is actually ready to go but I'll rename the unknowns first, it shouldn't take that long.
Nailhead That didn't take long. I've renamed the commands in the compiler although unknown182 isn't being used but the rest are. I'll post the new version after I get with Chris on the help file, he'll be updating it as well as including a more advanced template game.
AGI1122 Well I have just finished updating the help file and the template. I sent them to Eric so it should be coming along soon. :D