Quest for Glory

luke_scoffield Has anybody made a fan Quest for Glory, especially in AGI?
AGI1122 As far as I know nobody has made a fan Quest For Glory in AGI. If someone did it probably is in some other engine.
sonneveld Serguei's Destiny attempts to have some RPG elements (ie, advance in spell casting) and apparently it's work-in-progress sequel has even more RPG stuff.

Apocalyptic Quest, although only a teaser for the moment, also was going to be an RPG.

There's also an old game called Elfintard, and you're meant to find a sword and attack bad guys.. I'm not sure if that counts as an RPG :)

- Nick
Joel I think there is a Hero6 project or something like that. It's based on Quest For Glory, but it's not AGI. A couple years back somebody started an AGI Quest For Glory, but it was abandoned fairly quickly. Of course, by started I mean there were maybe two screens drawn and you couldn't really do anything in the game and the plot wasn't exactly clear.
luke_scoffield I just asked because I was wondering if AGI would be able to support all the features in Quest for Glory game, i.e. time/day, character sheet, fight sequences.
AGI1122 It would take some programming but it's possible.
I just asked because I was wondering if AGI would be able to support all the features in Quest for Glory game, i.e. time/day, character sheet, fight sequences.

The world in Serguei's destiny II is too big to have the day / night feature. Maybe in Serguei's destiny III.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld I've been thinking about the night'n day stuff.  AGI probably doesn't have enough room for you to design separate pictures for night and day.. but what if you split a pic in half, with one side day, the other night.. and only showed one half depending on the time of day?

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Wait! I could make a day / night feature using agimouse.

Agimouse 1.1 features agipal. You can change the color of your game if you like it. Say thanks to Brian Provinciano for this feature.

So, I can change the color depending if the game is the day or the night.

For the Nagi user I could put an icon of the day / night cycle.

Now. Serguei's destiny II will feature three heroes to play with three separate inventories, a fighting scene, a hero's description and a day / night cycle.

Thanks to everyone for suggestions.

Robin Gravel
Chad Goulding

I've been thinking about the night'n day stuff.  AGI probably doesn't have enough room for you to design separate pictures for night and day.. but what if you split a pic in half, with one side day, the other night.. and only showed one half depending on the time of day?

I don't think the day/night stuff would be a problem with AGI. In QFG 1 the majority of the rooms were in the forest and I'm pretty certain that they were procedurally generated from a palette of trees and plants. That way, the entire forest compacts really well (and only consists of a handful of rooms). To have a nighttime forest you'd just need an identical palette but with the trees and plants drawn in nighttime blue colours.

Robin has a point though. Changing the palette is a much neater solution (but I personally prefer using the original 'untainted' AGI system).

Speaking of QFG, over the past couple of nights I've been trying to make a fully functioning Character Sheet in AGI (just out of curiosity). So far you can choose a character and allocate extra points to the different skills. A QFG AGI game seems very possible.
Robin_Gravel Hi Chad.

The day / night is featured in KQ4 agi.

You're talking about qfg 1 vga or ega version?

The world of Serguei's destiny II to explore has 169 logics.
I will need 169 more pictures for the night sceneries.

20 logics are used for three inventories, error, debug, death
character's profile, battle screen, presentation, conclusion ...

67 logics are used for inside houses, caverns, inns ...

Robin Gravel
Joel You can reduce the number of new picture resources you need by using views to show changes between day and night for indoor rooms. Depending on the level of detail you want, pretty much the only way the difference between day and night is shown for indoor rooms is through things like windows. For the upcoming second demo release of Jen's Quest, I added a window to the dorm room. The dorm room is accessible both during the day and at night, so rather than creating two different picture resources just to show a minor difference like that, I created a view for the window, and two cels -- one for daytime and one for nighttime. Then I put them in the picture with an

It's another matter if you want to include a great deal of lighting detail. Lighting is very different coming from the sun versus coming from light bulbs, candles, etc. But if (like me)you're not all that concerned with that kind of detail then you can shave at least 67 rooms off the number of new ones that you must have in order to implement night time in the game. And if 20 of the existing logics don't have associated pictures, then you only need about 80 more picture resources, which is within the 255 limit.
sonneveld I'm just picturing poor Robin now, redrawing all the outdoor pictures so they're darker.  I think the palette option would be the way to go if he wanted to implement it.  It would be cool if he could make it so some of the puzzles could only be completed when it was night.  Or have people's activities changed (ie.. shops closing.. people only turning up at certain times).

- Nick
Joel Well, it wouldn't take redrawing them from scratch. It's mostly just a matter of changing colors. It probably wouldn't take more than 20 or 30 minutes on each picture. Of course, if the same effect can be achieved with a simple palette swap, that's easier, but I am of the school of thought that says leave the original interpreter alone.
Robin_Gravel You know Joel

You are not obliged to play Serguei's destiny II if you don't like it.

Serguei's destiny II will feature

Control your 3 characters using a mouse without type in commands (except for casting spells).

The palette color is used for day and night thing.

I make games for myself only not for everyone else.

No one will not stop me to make games using agimouse and palette feature.

If you don't like my ideas, it's not my problems.

Robin Gravel
Joel slow down, guy.

I'm not saying your game sucks if it uses hacked interpreters. I'm saying I prefer working with the unhacked interpreter and I like the original interface for AGI games a little better than the mouse interface. However, I'm not going to judge your game before playing it based on that fact.
Robin_Gravel I didn't say my game wil be suck if it used with hacked interpreter.

I could say "I don't like Kool-Aid juice" that not means the Kool-Aid has a bad taste, that's mean Kool Aid is not my cup of tea. I drink Tang juice.

Sorry if you understood otherwise.

Also I understand some agi veterans do not want to see agi hacked like you, Joel.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld Well, considering that the Amiga and Macintosh versions supported the mouse and the Amiga v3 games actually had some mouse commands for turning on/off mouse and boxing it in.. I don't think adding mouse support to the pc interpreter is such a bad idea.

Also, the amiga version supported a different palette for the Space Quest game, it had more orange i believe.  

Now, I know that the current "hacks" don't have the same interface as the amiga/mac versions.. but we could add it in.

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Thanks Nicks.

Of course I said I make agi games for myself but I know
some people like AGISCI and maybe you, Nick, want to see Serguei's destiny II finished.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld In Joel's defense however, I think he was just trying to suggest ways to get the same effect without having to change the interpreter.  I don't think he meant to disrespect your game in any way.  He's making his own game himself, he would probably know the time it takes to make one.

In some ways, maybe it's just the game that counts and not what engine you use to make it.

I would like to see a Serguei's Destiny 2.

- Nick
AGI1122 Yeah I want to see it also. I loved the first one so this second one should be great.
luke_scoffield Thanks for all your responses, guys.
I've had a play with getting a simple system for a QfG game from the simple AGI Studio template. There's just one room and one hour counts as a day. When it is night, a grey screen replaces the blank white one, and depending on the section of the hour, the menu command Time/Day gives different responses.
I've made it so that when the game starts, you have a menu with options to create a new character, restore an old game or quit. Typing "new character" takes you to a selection of Fighter, Magic User, Thief. The selection here sets a flag that denotes the character type through the rest of the game.
Next, you're taken to the attributes sheet (different for each character type) and by typing the name of an attribute you can add five points (and the appropriate amount is taken from the available 50 points). When the available points are used up, the player goes to the first and only room. In the inventory are the specific items for their character (i.e. lock pick for thief) dictated by the character flag. A menu option shows a text screen character sheet, displaying all the attribute variables. Another menu option displays a text screen for spells, with the mana points they use and the character's abilities in them.
If "fight" is typed, the player goes to the fight screen. Very simplistic graphics represent the character and the enemy. Three keys are used for dodge left, dodge right and thrust. On the left are displayed the health and stamina of the character and the health of the enemy. The enemy moves randomly, and if you strike while he is in his "neutral" pose he loses a health point, and vice versus. Thrusting uses a stamina point.
So there you go: a simple representation but I reckon it is possible to have QfG in AGI, but you have to be wary about changing the picture for time of day. I might make what I've done available for download if anybody wants to have a play with it and see if they can develop a game.
AGI1122 Nice job. Good luck and hopefully you will make a full game using that. :)