Hide() function

Wilco23 I'm a little stressed here. :-\ I'm trying to hide my ego from the screen, so that I can initiate an animation (which contains the ego) and then once the animation has finished I want to be able to show the ego again. Anyone know how I can do this? This is my script, which hides the ego, initiates the animation, but when the animation finishes I don't know how to display my ego again.

(if(< (send gEgo:distanceTo(litter)) 10)
cycleSpeed (5)
(send gEgo:hide())
Print("You're not close enough")

Brian_Provinciano What you want to do can be easily done, but you are better off not hiding the ego, but rather changing the ego's view/animation/cycle to the new animation, then back to the old when finished. The info is in the help file.
Wilco23 OMG that's so easy I didn't even think of it! I was convinced the problem was in the code, ok so I will just change the view and add my animation to the ego's view. Thank Brian!