Time Quest....

Quinn McFly I'm at 73 at cliff with dinosaur egg, and vines, and cooked fish.
By now I'm trapped there no way to "Swing the vine on Branch"
By the way the game looks great!
AGI1122 You need to cut the vine and take it with you to the top of the mountain. Then tie it to the rock and climb down.
Quinn McFly Ok, I got it... end of Demo2 but I didn't got it at Demo1 from those colors balls, I'm little colorblind not so much, mostly I don't see much different from dark and darker color like red, but can see little shadow on it. So... I'm wondering if anyone have save game? Or there is more simpler way to solve the ball puzzle?
sonneveld not that I know of, but I thought tq had a save game so you could skip past it if you wanted to.

- Nick
Quinn McFly There has a saved game but only for Demo2  I would like to have full point to carry over Demo2.
I don't know how far bewteen color-balls puzzle to Demo2.