Sega's King''s Quest

Kon-Tiki I don't think this's known, but I recently found out about this. It seems that the Sega's Master System had King's Quest too. I double-checked it (via walkthrough, haven't downloaded it), and it's the same.
Just wanted to let you guys know.

Zero2003 they also brought out kings quest 5 for nes :)
Brian_Provinciano I've got the NES version, and my best bud has the SMS one. I'd get it from him, but it's cart only. I'm waiting until I find one with Box/Manual before I pick it up.

The animation in the SMS one is quite horrible, but the game is alright. The NES one has it's ups and downs. It'd good because they were able to cram it all to run on an NES. It's bad because they chose to go the dither route, thus with the NES's poor resolution, the graphics can be hard to make out at times. I absolutely love the NES version of Maniac Mansion though! They kept the graphics simple, and as a result, they look clear and great!

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