Guys, what happened here??

So-and-So Hi, everybody! I'm So-and-So and I've known the Agiboard since it started. I've never posted until now, but frequently (let's just say; almost every day) visited this site, read topics and its comments and downloaded almost all of your fan/funmade games. ;)

The reason I've registered is this: There are hardly any COMPLETE games released (it's mostly demo's) but many of you (not ALL of you) act like you did. (And I'm not talking about "completed" games that took ten minutes to make and five to play) ::)

I'm not judging all you people, no sir. I'm just trying to "boost" the production on fanmade AGI-games. I'd like to see some of those promising productions finished! :) ;)

Well, guys (and girls if any) keep those games coming. But remember; less talk, more productions! ;)

Oh, before I forget: Try not to start topics on who's your favourite creator (or even member) is. It's mostly self-glorification and it could kill the motivation of creators that are not mentioned in your "top five".
My favourite creator is he (or she) that makes a completed and respectable AGIgame! ;)

See ya! (No hard feelings)

Zero2003 YOUR NOT ARE BOSS!!!! (lol) ::)

Give us time we are all VERY busy with are games we all try to make them PERVECT so how about YOU just give US more time.

also you said:

Oh, before I forget: Try not to start topics on who's your favourite creator (or even member) is. It's mostly self-glorification and it could kill the motivation of creators that are not mentioned in your "top five".

So what is the big idea its not like your a damn creator from Sierra.

(you have lots to learn)

See ya! (No hard feelings)


SGreenslade Well I wouldn't say they acted like they did finish it. It's just that many sites host the demos for many of these incomplete games. There are a lot more finished games now then there were before, if you notice. Most people who have incomplete games have kinda abandoned them. On the others we get steady reports of their completion.
Katie Everything Zero said was true and how do you know that all the games that are incomplete are not being developed. They very could be! just becasue they are not one the board does not meenthe makers did not abandon there demos. :P
Zero2003 I agree SGreenslade
about 80% more games have been completed this year.

Kon-Tiki I can only tell you about the production status of incomplete my games since I don't know about the status of other projects.

Little Pirate: Hold has been taken away, it should be finished this year.

Ninja Forever: Game should be finished this year (if I'm lucky) or somewhere next year.

Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh!: New additions are being made at the moment. It's 'completed' (and it took far more than ten minutes to make >:( ), but it'll get more additions when I feel like adding them.

So don't talk about things you don't know half about it and start working on a game yourself. You'll know why it takes such a long time then.

Eero R Well, fan games aren't supposed to be long... As they are free, makers make these for fun, and make them so long as they want...
beyond infinity oy, there is somebody throwing pickles around :-))

I'd better hide behind the stack, shan't i?

nay, gosh, you do no good to you to give unadored and unrequested advice on what lads 'n' gals gotta do.

You better do your own game/program, take your own steps towards finish in devote silence and then bow your head down in grace to the gods of current and silicium for they have granted you success.

stay safe

and all you others: Keep straight! You do good work.
Zero2003 im gona try to make are game PERVECT wich is why it wont be realeshd till next JUNE but there will be lots of demos.
Joey ummm wtf are you talking about. there are plenty of full version agi games out from us agi fans, and i doubt you were here since it started, so dont try and take control of this group.
Zero2003 Your right there is over 20 games that are full version!!!!
guest Whoo-boy, you sure struck a nerve with that initial post, "So-and-So".

Yes, there are a lot of demos released, and yes, there are also a growing number of completed games. It takes a lot of time and energy to actually complete a game. By releasing demos, developers get motivational feedback by seeing responses. However, after that motivation has worn off, the larger task still looms ahead and it's sometimes easier to simply start a new project (I know, I'm guilty of this).

Thank you "So-and-So" for your observational reminder and "boost", and thank you too, members of this board, for the list of in-development & completed games and continual support for various AGI related questions.
Zero2003 Your welcome :P
Oliver I wasn't in the top 5 :( .
But I started making Lefty 2.
So looks like I'm ok with it (f*ck).
I don't mind if I wasn't in the top 5 (d*mn.

(No hard feelings)

Joey lefty 2's being made? cool! cant wait to see it!