AGI Mouse

rwfromxenon How do I check if the user has clicked on a certain point of the screen? eg, if they click on a lamp, it falls on someone.
Robin_Gravel if (v27 != 0) {
if (v28 > 119 &&
v29 > 124 &&
v28 < 132 &&
v29 < 160) {
write your codes here............

Robin Gravel
rwfromxenon Cool, Thanks Robin! :)
rwfromxenon Uhh... could someone explain how these codes work? ;)
Brian_Provinciano Look at the files included with the AGI Mouse demos for examples on how to use it. It fully explains everything. Those number are coords. The "v28" and such should be "mouse_x" and "mouse_y" etc. See my files/demo in the zip file.
rwfromxenon Is it possible to have an effect when you click on a moving object?
Zero2003 Yep i think so!!!
i almost did something like that with the mouse support
rwfromxenon Would the code be...

if(mouse_left == 1){
if (mouse_x == ?? && mouse_y == ?? && posn(o1) == ??){
print("Hey guies! Yoo stoped me woking!");