Resources from Screen Antics?

NaliXL Okay, I'm currently trying to extract the images and sounds from the RESOURCE.MAP and RESOURCE.001 from the ScreenAntics screensaver. However, they seem to have some kind of adapted AGI format, that's not entirely compatible with existing tools that I encountered, like AGI studio. The only tool that was able to tell me the contents of this file was an early b
Eero R AFAIK Screen Antics wasn't made in AGI... ::)
Brian_Provinciano If those files are, infact SCI, the new (unreleased) SCI Studio will be able to open them. It supports all SCI Versions. Just be patient.
HwM But I'm afraid it isn't SCI... It's the Dynamix format and contains BMP's (Dynamix style, not the regular ones) among some other stuff...