Access Violation?

jmtl Is anyone else getting Access Violations when trying to open up games like Quest For Glory 4 in SCI Studio?  Unless it's not a SCI0 or SCI1...
sonneveld SCI Studio only supports SCI0 games at the moment.  So does FreeSCI too.  Quest For Glory 4 is an SCI32 game I think.  At least, it was near it.

- Nick
Rainer as far as I know, games like qfg4 and sq5, and a couple others, were a hybrid engine between sci1 and sci32.  Dynamix used this engine to make all of their games I think, like willy beamish and heart of china, etc.
sonneveld I'd agree with the hybrid interpreter.  But I believe dynamix used their own interpreter for their games.  That's why their games had their own look'nfeel.

- Nick
Rainer I wouldnt be too sure on that one.  Just remember, you could make an sci game that looked like a lucasarts one. I'm pretty sure that the dynamix engine was the same one used for sq5 and qfg4. Does anyone have proof if I'm wrong?
sonneveld You could be right.  I had a quick search and I couldn't find any reference to another Dynamix engine.   All their adventure games were released after they were bought out by Sierra too.  (great games too)

- Nick