Zero2003 Could someone plaease give me the code so when text comes up i can show a face (view) i had this code befor but now i forget it.

Please help ( your name will be in credits for programming or you can just tell us not to)

Thank you!!!!!!
smartguy240 animate.obj(o1);

just set the view numbers and you should be all set

my name is Patrick Schiess ;D
Zero2003 Thanks Patrick
Its just i forgot about the code :)

Thanks again!!!
smartguy240 Yeah no prob :)
Katie Oh ya thanks Patrick for the code!!!!
Zero2003 Ya your name has been added to the credits!!!
smartguy240 woo! :)
beyond infinity Patrick, just tell'em to be CAREFUL about the spelling of your surname for one small but elemantar typo might change your name into a not very nice german word ;)
Zero2003 Dont worry its spelled right we spelled it patricklasr bla ::)
smartguy240 scheiss hahahah ;)