Some complex code

Corby Hello,
I need some idea on how to go about some specific coding.
Basically, and this may give away some plot, but a witch is going to appear and cast a spell on the heroine of my game. Now, I want the witch's hand to be pointed at the heroine, so this is going to involve some code where the location of the ego is known. Plus, the direction of the witch will have to be defined, accordingly.
The only idea I have for this problem is the get.dir and set.dir command... but i'm not sure.
Maybe by using the get.position command, whether or not the ego is on a certain side of the screen, the witch can appear on the opposing side, which could solve the direction of the hand problem...
That's just my two cents, do you guys have any ideas?
Corby Hey, I managed to do this myself! ;D
It was really simple after all!