farhan hi,
plz any budy guide me . i m interested in developing a game like king quest 6. so what should i do and from where i should start. i know c programming and learning c++ and graphics programming. also tell me abt sci and agi. plz help me asap!!

Zero2003 You should wait untill sci studio vga or you could use agi Robin gravel has maid a template just like kings quest 6.

(gota love kq)

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AGI1122 Robin's game won't help him, even though it has mouse support it doesn't have the type of graphics he wants to use.(like KQ6)

But you should wait for the next release of SCI Studio, when it comes out it will have the ability to edit and create all types of SCI games no matter what version of SCI they used.
Katie But do remember!!!!
it is a start!!!
Brian_Provinciano grr... it annoys me when everyone always says "Wait for SCI Studio VGA", hehe. I've said it before and I'll say it again--SCI Studio EGA and SCI Studio VGA use the exact same scripting language. EGA games will be no harder to make than VGA games, or nor are VGA games any harder to make than EGA ones. They use the same language. If you learn SCI Studio EGA, you can A) make VGA games the day SSVGA is released with your current skills, B) port your EGA games to VGA with minimal work.

Also, most people want the VGA so they can import bitmaps as pictures. However, you'll still need to use the vectored picture editing for the priority/control screens. Plus, when SCI Studio's SCI01 support is done, you'll be able to import bitmaps as EGA pics too!
Robin_Gravel Hi Brian

Does the template support the right click?

Some people on this board thinks that template does not support the right click and wait for SCI VGA studio for using the right click.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano If there is any feature not in the template someone wants, they have the ability to implement it themselves. It would take just as much effort for me to implement it as the person using it, and after all, it is their game, heh. I can't go around making everyone's game for them ;)

I'm putting my effort more towards creating the new SCI Studio than the updating the template. The template includes 100% of the standard SCI0 features. The additions Sierra made to later SCI games can be done by any fan making a game as well.
Robin_Gravel So I could use the right click in sci0 if I want.

Too bad. I am about to finish Naturette 3.

All right. I'll check the sci help files then. If I need help, I'll tell you.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano You can do anything you want in SCI0. From an SCI1 VGA interface, to an SCI32 LSL7 type interface, it can be done. You just need to know how to script.