Zero2003 After me and the members get Crossing Blades we were thinking about makeing a voice or video Tutorial for thoes who want to learn Agi!

Do you guys think this is a good idead or is this pointless
Kon-Tiki It depends on what it'ld cover. I suggest you first look at the tutorials already made (they're at Nick's site) If you make one, I guess it'ld be best to make a video tute. Visualising the explanation always makes it clearer than having it heard (seeing it written does that too ;D )

Katie yes if we did make one it would cover EVERYTHING!!!!

about a 3 hour long video!!!!
Zero2003 YA thats proble right but it wont be made untill 4 months and that will just be the production. ( i hope some people will still be here then)
Bjoern I think it's a cool idea. 8)