Having Problems with PICEDIT

Andrew Baker I am unable to create priority screens in PicEdit.  I'm using Windows 98.  I'm loading AGI Studio 1.34 and running PicEdit off of that.  I have no problem drawing, saving, or loading visual screens, but when I attempt to draw a control line on the priority screen, the line never appears.  I have no idea what release of PicEdit I am using (It's not listed in the "About").  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I appreciate any help I can get.
Joel Did you make sure to choose the color for the priority screen with right mouse button? Switching to the priority screen doesn't make you draw on the priority screen.

You choose the visual drawing color with the left mouse button and the priority drawing color with the right mouse button.

If you're doing that right, then I don't really have any idea what the problem might be off the top of my head. The latest release of PicEdit is more than three years old, I believe, and it works fine for me from windows 98.
Andrew Baker Thanks, Joel, that was exactly it.  I'd feel foolish, but I've only been doing this for less than a week.  Thanks again.