Katie Hey im working with Zero on his Game crossing blades and thot it would be cool to coem here im also gona be working on my own game.

So hello!!!!
Zero2003 Hey how are you
I never known you were going to sign up for the board
also come down on tuesday so we can work on the game. ;D
gpm Good luck to you both! :)
Corby What's your game about zero? Do you have a website? :)
AGI1122 No he doens't have a web site.
Zero2003 Hey we are working on a website the game is called Crossing Blades we are looking for members all the time to help us out with the game.

Members so far:
Chris Cromer (mouse interface)
Robin Gravel (mouse interface)
Me( Programmer)
Katie( Art) (looking for new artists)
Luke( View working)
michele( Music)

We are always looking for people to help out all names go in credits so PM if you wana be in on this!!!!!! or Katie
Joey HOLY SHIT!!! THE FIRST GIRL TO REGISTER ON THIS BOARD!!! lol. i wanna see crossing blades.
Zero2003 Out of 700 some odd people she is the first?????? ???
(goes to look in the member list)
Kon-Tiki Naah, she's far from the first. She's one of the 10 first though. There've been some a couple of years back, about a year back and a month or so ago, the last girl (besides Katie then) registered, but we haven't heard much from her yet.

Anyways, welcome aboard. Hope to see lots of good games from you.

Zero2003 Ya she is at my house right now she will be posting in a while. :)
Katie So have you guys made lots of games , how long are you guys gona work with agi we hope it will be a life thing we always have the time to make games and i would like to say THANK YOU ROBIN zero told me you made the mouse interface we REALLY needed that!!! :)
AGI1122 Kon-tiki is right, she definately is not the first. Heck we had another girl post here saying hello very recently. :P
Zero2003 Yep you guys are right i have found about 4 in the member list. (sorry KAtie :) )
Katie I knew it!!!!

I knew i was not the onley girl here!!!!
SGreenslade Yeah it seems that girls aren't a commodity around here. Don't ask me why that is though. Maybe Rich could convince several of his many girfriends to join or something.
AGI1122 I wonder if Rich's game is what makes the girls stay away. ::)
Katie Did that sicko make that f*** quest game.
it is a discrease!!!!
Zero2003 Well he did make the game, just look at it as a xxx xxx xxx leisure suit larry game!!! lol :'(
Katie :) wrote:

Did that sicko make that f*** quest game.
it is a discrease!!!!

That would be a "disgrace", and thank you, darling. It's that sort of commentary that makes the world seem like a closed-minded place. Anyhow, welcome to the AGI board. It's a wonderful place where anyone can make any kinds of games, whether they be unaccepted for their content, or their lack of content.
My game has obviously made a dent in the world, and it's probably because it's exactly the sort of thing people want but are usually afraid to admit.

btw, again, sorry folks the release is taking so long. I'm really having a lot of fun with my girlfriend right now so I feel no need to work on the game. In addition, my workload of late has been plentiful, but it's fun stuff too.
I'll give more updates soon.

Again, welcome, Katie, and please try to have a more open mind.
Eero R Seems like your spending 24/7 with your gf... ::)
beyond infinity @eero:He's right to do so :-) so no need to look queer.

@katie: you're welcome, gal.
Eero R Hehe, I must consider him as a lucky guy, I manage to be with my gf about 8 hours in total in a week... :-\
Zero2003 lol I dont have a girl freind :'(