Wow 6623 Posts Agi has come along way......

Zero2003 Wow 6623 Posts of agi!!! that is alot!!
I think its going to alot more then we expected for agi to die off!!!

Who would of thot a program created a couple years ago could make all of this happen im talking about perter kelly and nailhead and thoes other guys that have worked on agi studio imagine if there was no agi studio Brian would have that big of a site nail head and the other guys would not be able to upgrade it and of acoures there would not be 6627 posts of agi!! and I also should metion the 83 games of agi we have made

Thank you to all that post abut Agi

This is a celebration Topic to us who post abut it!!!!

(pass the beers)
smartguy240 Yes that is absoultely wonderful!

AGI has also brought us Good Old Adventures too ;)

Dont forget the people like Lance Ewing that gave us PICEDIT....
Zero2003 Cant forget about him if we could not edit or create pictures all of are games would be illagle because we would have t steale pictures from the old sierra games!!!!
rwfromxenon You know, Zero, there's a special button between the M key and the . key that you should maybe use ;D
Zero2003 I guess i was typeing with no care....... ::)