Another Messed Up Picture(Help Joel!)

Corby Hey,
I have another picture that's a bit messed up... it loads in picedit fine but when looked at in agistudio, it shows almost the whole screen as the light green priority. This does not appear when looked at in picedit however. Does anyone want to take a look at this? I can send it via email. You fixed my last pic problem Joel, maybe you can help me again if your not too busy.
Thanks! :)
Zero2003 Send it to me just for the hell of it I might be able to see what the problem is. [email][]
Joel I'd be glad to take a look at it. I've found that the priority drawing algorithm in PicEdit is a little buggy. Sometimes it won't show a fill that actually is there and that shows up in AGI Studio and in AGI itself. Go ahead and send it to me.
Zero2003 Ya that has happend to me on my title screen. (I wonder if anyone will ever edit picedit and upgrade it)
Corby Thanks again Joel! :D