SCI32 Sound

smartguy240 how the heck do you get the sound to work on these games? i have a bunch of them, and none of the sound works! i go into install and it says that it cannot write the config file!

also...i dont know whether i can ask this...but does anyone have a copy of Freddy Pharkas they could lend me? mine for some reason wont let me save my game under XP...and it USED to work...i got the game when i purchsed Kings Quest technically i already own it ::)
mr-t Freddy Pharkas is on the internet for download... Al Lowe linked to it on his site.
Eero R Of course, take the read-only attributes off the files, and they should work fine... Happens to me too sometimes, that always works.
smartguy240 Ok thx Mary J...and Eero...i tried that and got the same problem...but ill try again...anyone know about saving?
smartguy240 i cant find the download Mary J. ???
Zero2003 Freddy Pharkas???
full version????
Patrick wrote:

i cant find the download Mary J. ???

I looked and found it here:

Just go down to the part that says:

"The Full Game!" and then has a link to a download. Note, however, this is not one that has the voice.
smartguy240 when i try to save/restore....
Patrick wrote:

when i try to save/restore....

I tried it on my machine and I do not have that problem. (The machine I tried it on was a Windows 98 Second Edition machine.) I was able to save and restore without problem.

Then again, I do not have it in a directory structure like yours. Mine is in c:\Freddy. Did you try it without it being in a path where long file names are being used?
Zero2003 Can we get in trouble for posting abandonware???
i think freddy is a abandonware game becasue I have looked at abandonware sites and its there.
Eero R Well, when a game is on abandonware site, it doesn't have to be it... And Al Lowe edited his site in the meanwhile, and linked He still allowed to download it (Al Lowe allowed... ;D).