RJD You guys have probably noticed I haven't been seen around here in months. Though I read these boards regularly, i am sad to announce that i no longer have the time to be involved in SCI. For now, my games are on an idefinate hold. If anyone wants to work on these games, just see them or say something to me, drop me a line. Until next time. Later.
RJD PS. Brian I still appreciate your work tremendously and might come back (if i can) when VGA comes out. Until then (or later), best wishes.
smartguy240 Goodbye! Well definantally miss you :)

Zero2003 Bye bye :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Eero R Well, goodbye...
Zero2003 God's Speed and may the Agi Sci Interepters always be with you. :'( :'(
AGI1122 You didn't even know him. :P

Well hopefull we will see you around sooner or later. Well good bye.
Zero2003 Your point....

Its always sad to know that someone is leaveing this board.