Zero2003 After I edit your Dg: mouse interface game when I get out of agi studio then go back in to edit that game it comes up with "there was a error reading 1 or more files or this is not a valid agi version 2 or 3 game"

Does that happen or do I have extract the scripts and make a new game?
Robin_Gravel If that thing happens, quit Agi Studio and reboot your computer. Agi studio should work now.

When I'm making new games, I'm using Nagi unstead. I'll use Brian's hacking agi for the final testing.

Don't forget to give me credits when you have completed your game. I made this system point and click with a little help of Chris Cromer.

Robin Gravel
Zero not loged in i know i know.... ;D

both your names are on the credits list!!!
(you did not think I would forget about you guys did ya?)
zero not loged in oh and also when it starts to get courrept while im editing it it will say if i click on a logic or view or anything it will say it is courrept
Robin_Gravel I edited a little on DG: the agimouse adventure game. Every thing's working.

Are you using Peter Kelley's Agi Studio or Nailhead's?
I'm using Peter Kelley's Agi Studio.

Are you using Win XP or Win 98 (like me).

Robin Gravel
zero not loged in Well i have a a win98 computer and im useing nelheads should I go with the original ??? ??? ??? ( to me they are pretty much the same)
Robin_Gravel Yes. Try with Peter's agi studio if it works.

Maybe you should reinstall dg again just in case if it corrupted.

Robin Gravel
zero (CANT LOG IN!) (I cant log in for some reason ???)

anyways thank you monsieur!

its working pervect and soon i will be bring out a demo of crossing blades the mouse interface game!!!

thanks !obin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zero (STILL CANT LOG IN) also is there anyway to change the text size in my game (i need this for the title screen)
Robin_Gravel You can always using command"blablabla",3,4,37);

3 and 4 are x / y position on the screen.

37 is the text size.

Hmm I should try Nailhead's agi studio if it works for me.
I'll start a new topic about his Nailhead's program.

Robin Gravel
zero(cant log in) sure it works great for me!!!!!!! ;D
zero(not loged in) is there anyway to change the size when its a display kind.
Robin_Gravel There is no limit when you're using display command.

display(18,1,"kajdfadkljfkla \ndkjfkadiueheiufhduifhdasifhda \nkdjfdoajoeijdofjdaofijdfoa \ndkfadjkfdjafkafhdkafhdkjashfkda\nkdljfdkajfdalj");

Robin Gravel
zero(cant log in) Thanks for all your help :):):)
smartguy240 does your browser accept cookies? if no...turn them on and you can log in!
Zero2003 Well its wroking now thanks!!! ;D