[Question] Tutorial: Scripts and Rooms

Cryptonomic Regarding the tutorial (part one), in chapter 15 it says that the scriptNumber keyword is used in the rm001 script "so it will use the picture with the same number as the script." Then the text says the part that confuses me:

"This being script.001, it will use pic.001."

I get why we have pic.001 because that is the resource number we saved the rm001 pic image at. But what determines that rm001.sc is actually script.001? We never save it that way in the resource, from what I can tell. (Yes, I know, I am probably missing something frightfully obvious here.)
Cryptonomic Hmm. Responding to my own topic (and perhaps answering my own question), I see the line:

(script 1)

in rm001.sc. I am guessing that this indicates the script number that will be created as part of the resource package.
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