[Question] Script Compiler

Cryptonomic In using SCI Studio, the one thing I find somewhat lacking (and this is small criticism, admittedly) is the script editor. It does not handle tabbing well and the "smart" features for code editors are really not there, such as not allowing the caret to just jump to anywhere on the screen but rather automatically moving to end or beginning of lines when clicking on a contextually empty area. Again, small criticism, I suppose but for those of us who use code editors a lot, the discrepancies are a little jarring.

But what I often do is use the open source CodeSense control to write my own editor for applications. (I have done this for Inform, TADS, Hugo, and a few other game systems, where I can utilize things like Intellisense.) However, that requires that there is a compilation system that can be utilized to reliably have my own editor hook into.

So the question is: is the Script Compiler literally (and without any caveats) a full compiler of script resources? Would there be any problems with editing the scripts in my own editor and then using SCI Studio for the other elements? (I am concerned I guess with the scripts "synching" up in whatever fashion they have to with the other resources in the game.)