[Question] Priority Indicator on SCI Studio

Cryptonomic Greetings all. I just started using SCI Studio, version 3 and I am curious about the Priority indicator on the GUI that is immediately to the right of the X,Y coordinate indicator at the bottom.

My conceptual understanding is as follows: this indicator reflects the fact that every Pic has a set of priority numbers starting at the top of the screen (color #00) to the bottom of the screen (color #14). When at these various points of thescreen, Ego will share that priority. Likewise, any view at those same coordinates will share those priorities.

My question: is my above conceptual understanding accurate?
Robert Eric That is correct.
Cryptonomic Thanks. As I noticed, the box object (view) in the tutorial, when you draw it, covers a few regions of the priority, from #13 at the "bottom" of the box to #09 at the "top" of the box. Yet the box as a whole is drawn with priority #13. So what that means, if I understand things correctly, is that the entire box is forced to have priority #13 even at parts of the screen that have other priorities. This is what forces the box to be "greater than" Ego because while the box priority has been changed, Ego's has not and remains the default relative to whatever area of the screen it is at.

The tutorial basically says that, but not quite in those words. I have been sort of re-writing the tutorial for myself and perhaps for others who are really getting into this SCI thing. How I am wording it is as by generalizing (in part):

"So when you draw on object that you want to have a greater priority than Ego (meaning it will appear in front of Ego), you must draw it visually, with the Visual Color and on the Visual Screen, but with the Priority Color to a value that is greater than Ego's priority color at that point on the screen. Note that you will also want to draw control boundaries around your view if it has greater priority than Ego so that the Ego cannot walk through the object. This has to be done on the Control Screen."

I have gotten good feedback from some people, indicating that this made sense to them so I felt it somewhat prudent to make sure I was actually correct in what I was saying!

Again, thanks for confirming my conceptual base.
mr-t You don't need to write a novel for each reply man

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Mr. T wrote:

You don't need to write a novel for each reply man

What can I say? I like to express myself. ;)

(Besides, the last novel I read was 1,137 pages long! I think I fell far short of a novel-length reply. But, hey, one can dream.)
mr-t hehe, its glad to see some more people in the sci community, i have used sci studio since teh olden days (2.0, when the pic editor crashed ALOT and the view editor was the king of corrupting things :))