Guess who is back,Back again!!!

Zero2003 Well its been a while but im back I dont really know if most of you will remeber me but I was working on a Agi game called Crossing Blades (whick im now makeing in Sci) but im sure Robin Gravel and Chris and some other members will remeber me

for the time I have been gone I have been at school and working on new projects i just hope all you guys still hang out here :)

P.S: Love the teck tv interview with Sci,Brian great work!
Robin_Gravel Yeah. I'm remembering you.

Do you plan to make Crossing blades on sci?

And what happened to the agi Crossing blades?

Myself, I'm still working to Naturette 3. 75% completed.

Robin Gravel

Note: do you know that I released a new Serguei's destiny 2 demo?
Zero2003 That is really cool! nice to see you again buddy I did complete Crossing Blades Agi version but now that Sci 3 came out I have stared to remake it :):) 5% :P

so how are you are you working on any sci projects or are you gona also gona work on a sci project? I cant wait to play Naturette 3 im glad to see your still here :)
Robin_Gravel Hi Zero

AGI1122 Welcome back.

Go ahead and upload your game to my site here:

You need to register and be logged in before you can upload the game though.

And when/if you complete the SCI version:
Zero2003 Thanks your board still up and running?

Does this answer your question. ;D
Eero R Welcome back... Although I remember you, I doubt you do... ::)
Paladinlover Darn man, we need more SCI games :) AGI is taking over.

Those games sound interesting, I'll download them and see.

Till next time stay cool 8)
Paladinlover wrote:

Darn man, we need more SCI games

Since Naturette 2 is a point and click game, I don't want
make Naturette 3 using type in command and I'm not going to make remake Naturette 3 in sci.

I am not sur if sci template support right click or not.

Robin Gravel
Zero2003 I dont think so but i think there will be in the VGA VERSION (eckos in his house) ::)
AGI1122 It was on the show "call for help" and it wasn't too long ago... but then again, I always lose track of time.

Does anyone have the year? ;)
Zero2003 Ya if you go to there is a link to watch the video online i think it inspired me to remake the game in sci.

now the year is 1984
just a couple days ago kings quest cam out!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
Joey awesome! congradulations brian! your a tv star now! how did you even get on tv like that?
Zero2003 Can I have your autograph brian? ;D ;D ;D ;D