Game updates

Karl-Johan Lundberg Hmm. Haven't been in here in ages ::)
I passed a topic about fanmade QFG games, and it got me thinking. It seems as though there is a Hero6 crew
Problem is I think that the chances that such a game is completed is unlikely.  :-
sonneveld The only problem is that Quest for Glory is an SCI game, the current SCI Studio still needs a bit of work.

There's a guy called Sludge Vohaul (I'm guessing his real name is Sam) working on Space Quest 2 to add different puzzles and messages.  Well, he's not really "working on" it at the moment.. Just whenever he feels like it..

Space Quest 2 Thread

To get his current version of the game, you'll have to send him an email and he will send it to you.  He's afraid of legal repercussions so that's why he's doing it. - Sludge Vohaul's email address

The problem with adding stuff to some AGI games is the fact that they're usually crammed full of resources anyway.  It's impossible to add something without removing something else.

- Nick