Dumb Question

Corby This is a pretty simple question... what do you type when you want something to occur and have two possible things the player can type do make this happen?
ex) talking to a person will cause a certain to text box to appear. The player can either type "talk to man" or "talk to dave"
so I imagine the code would be something like this:

if(said("talk","man") OR ("talk","dave")){

it's the "OR" part i need the code for.
kind of an embarrasing question, but I have to learn sometime. ::)
if ((said("examine","door") ||
said("open","door") ||
said("break","door"))) {
print("The doors are all securely locked.");

This is how you do it.
Corby Thanks Chris.
Zero2003 Ya its a pretty simple code
i like experamenting with codes to see what will happen!!!