SCI Studio QFG import/export

plarfem I was just wondering if it is possible to create character export/import files in SCI studio like in the GFG series? If not, will the new SCI studio be able to decompile the QFG scripts so we can see how sierra created the QFG files?

Diesel Hey guys...

I need help with the source code of a SCI game.

I've been looking lately at SCI scripting.. I've been a huge Sierra game fan and I would like to do my own.. I've been working for 11 hours straight on the game :
Jones In The Fast Lane, (Sierra SCI 1+, 1991)

I want to access the source code in order to analyze it, understand it and eventually create my own game. I chose Jones In The Fast Lane because I feel it's the best game to start and understand scripting (board game so not too complicated but still, interesting to evaluate)

I finally extracted all the files (scripts, texts and vocab) but I can't read the script files (ex. script.000, script.001, etc..) How can I read the source code of all the scripts and understand it? I tried various tools in order to be able to read the code but no one helped me out.. (SciStudio 3.0 does not work for the scripts readinfg..)

It would really be appreciated if you could send me a link where I could find a utility that could help me read and analyse the code of the scripts files (to understand how the game works!) or even better, send me the whole decompiled code of the game in a .txt.. ;)
Xorcist plarfem, e-mail me.

I think I can help you out a little,
and maybe you can help me as well.