Space Quest 3D

overlordvegeta Hey all you Space Quest fans! I have got an idea that I have been writing for the past few weekss now, it's called Space Quest 3D. I am not using AGI or SCI, but a 3D engine that can produce high quality 3D games. I am a hardcore SQ fan, and have a lot of great ideas for the game, but I need more! Everyone who has ever played an SQ game and loved it, I need your help. I don't even have the basic layout, whether it is a point and click like SQ 4, 5, 6, or a first person mop-fest. Submit your ideas, and i'll be back throughout the next couple of weeks to see what we come up with.

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sonneveld When you talk about point'n'click.. are you trying to suggest something like Grim Fandango except with a mouse?  Grim used the keys for the entire game.  Great game though.

I wouldn't like a Space Quest that's 1st person though.. it just doesn't suit the series.

- Nick