Problem in SCIStudio Tutorial!

ayster Can anybody tell me why I'm getting an error message when trying to compile a newly created room?

I'm following the tutorial that comes with SCI Studio 3.
On Chapter 20 it gets you to add a new room. It then gives you various code changes to make, then at the end of the chapter tells you to compile it and thats it.

But, when I complile it I get the error message...
[ERROR]: Unable to open vocab.000 for reading

I checked the online help on and can't find anything, does anyone have the solution? I don't want to continue with the tutorial if its not going to work!

NOTE: After writing this I decided to check the forum again to see if I missed the solution elsewhere.. I found an earlier thread about this error, but in the solution for it, it says that the game needs to be open for this to work, I checked mine and the game is open, so I'm wondering if I'm doing something else wrong?
Brian_Provinciano Execute the script editor by double clicking on a script in the explorer then create the new script (room 2), rather than clicking on the "Script" editor icon on the main toolbar then creating the new script.

SS 3.00-3.01 treats the Script editor executed by clicking on the "Script" editor icon on the main toolbar as a stand alone editor for lose files, where as the Script Editor executed from within the explorer is an editor for the game's scripts.
ayster Thanks Brian, I'll give that a go and see if it solves my problem!