Can anyone help me out with...

Octiron ...priority colours?

I'm having a hard time figuring them out and the faq's I've downloaded hasn't been too accurate on the subject.

Anyone?  :)
sonneveld Which aspect would you like help on?

- Nick
Octiron I know that red means walkable, black means blocked and that one of the blues means water but I don't know about the other ones w/ blocking, overlapping ,etc.  :)
Andrew Baker If you're using Pic Edit, the dark green on the left hand of the color bar is a trigger line.  If the ego crosses this line, then flag ego_touching_signal_line or f3 is set.
sonneveld Here's the section in the agi specs on priority lines if that helps:

AGI Specs on Priority Link

- Nick
Octiron Thanks! That helped a lot!  :D