Donald Duck's Playground

h.w.m. Well.... I just wanted to clear things up about the DDP versions, since they're rather strange. Here are some facts about the various versions I've got, 2 DOS(?) versions and 1 bootdisk version.

Version 1.0A
Interpreter: 2.272 (same interpreter + cracked exe as 1.0C)
DOS version (most likely), quite buggy: Donald is stuck at intro, no sound
No menu, no code in logic either
Date: 6 Feb 86 (Ingame: 8 Aug 86)
Mentions mouse in help-screen (amiga? maybe PCjr, since those had a mouse too)

Version 1.0C [note: version from]
Interpreter: 2.272 (same interpreter + cracked exe as 1.0C)
Probably AMIGA version, directory contains POINTER
When pressed ESC: bad action 161, does work with newer interpreters
Date: 27 Sep 2000 (date when dumped from ADF?) (Ingame: none)
Mentions mouse in help-screen

Version 1.0Q
Interpreter: 2.001
Bootdisk version
No significant bugs
Date: none, (Ingame: 9 Jun 86)
No mouse mentioned, only keyboard & joystick

So although the 1.0C version is called a DOS version under NAGI, it most likely is an AMIGA version. Also, this version cannot be edited with AGIStudio. 1.0A could be a b
df actually the dos version floating around most people have (not 100% sure about the one from al lowe's site), but the version of DDP that was first released was the atari st version I packaged up with the 2.272, it had a text file explaining its lineage + history.

it was also buggy. I suspect it used an interpreter that either predated 2.089  or was somehwere between 2.089 and 2.272
since neither interp worked correctly with it.

but the 1.0? version i had got past the intro and let you play it.

the version that was on mmmm iirc, underdogs? was this version, then they took out my text file.

is your bootdisk a dos or amiga bootdisk?

i would be VERY interested in your boot disk with interp 2.001 on it!! can you zip it and email it to me??

h.w.m. Yes, 1.0A goes past the intro, but Donald is stuck. Donald appears at the intro walking and when he's at the bottom of the screen, he's stuck (and normally the credits screen would appears). Also, the game has no sound at all.
It's most likely the Underdogs version, although no text file is included.

The bootdisk... It's a DOS version, with the old interpreter 2.001. It doesn't has file-handling, it's sector based. So the LOGDIR, PICDIR, etc. are there (i've ripped them from the disk, including the VOL-file and other files), but the interpreter doesn't work with filenames, just locations where the files are. The VOL and DIR files are probably usable in an AGI interpreter, but the DIR files are not easy to seperate from each other. I will e-mail the disk-image, it's in IMG format..
df from looking at the image, I dont know if I can rip the files and create an individual game from it.

even tho its AGI 2.001, its very VERY close to the agi v1 games I tried hacking on..
HwM I guess you're right, I tried, but got lost when trying to find
the DIR files.... The OBJECT file, however, is clearly visible (offset 0x0013200h). Also, the AGI file is present, I'll send it to you, in it's decrypted  form....